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miercuri, 17 octombrie 2012


Sometimes we need to transform different format files to PDF. The most common documents have the following extensions:. doc. Docx,. Txt,. RTF. Mht,. Htm,. Html,. Odt,. Ppt, pptx,. Gif, jpeg, jpg, png, tiff, epub, mobi. There are many software that can convert these files to pdf format or vice versa but I needed to transform one html into pdf files with the following conditions:
1. keep internal and external links active.
2. I can set passwords and security parameters.
I found only one program that is able to keep links active after conversion: "Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter" on: http://www.winnovative-software.com. This, however, does not offer the possibility to set passwords and other security parameters. For the second condition I had to use: CutePDF Professional.
Therefore I use a program to convert HTML to PDF and then with the other program the security settings.
I would like to have a single program to do both.

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